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I can be contacted by email.

I do try my very best to respond to all emails, but please appreciate that the inbox does get very full and I have a range of other responsibilities (such as students and babies) that often do get priority. Please accept my apology if your email slips to page two of the inbox.

If you have a question, you may be better posting it on Podiatry Arena (as I can respond there and so can a lot of other people) or at the Foot Health Forum, which is for people with foot problems (I do sometimes post there, and so do a lot of other excellent helpful people). A lot of the questions I do get are better being asked in forums like Podiatry Arena so the answers can benefit a wider audience and others can contribute to a discussion (and disagree with me!).There are a lot of discussions that took place on Podiatry Arena that were initiated following one of the previous Boot Camps.


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