Clinical Biomechanics Boot Camp  
The practical application of all the latest thoughts, ideas, concepts, theories and research  

Content (v1.0)
This page covers the content for version 1.0 of the Clinical Biomechanics Boot Camp, please see this page for the content of version 2.0
The content of each Boot Camp evolves as new information is added and the current information is refined. The mission statement guiding the content is:
The practical application of all the most recent thought, concepts, ideas, theories and research on foot biomechanics and foot orthotics into clinical practice.

The main content of the two days is divided into these main areas:

1) Theorectical background

2) Clinicat tests

3) Orthotic prescription variables

Interspersed between those are the practical sessions and some filler lectures on other clinically relevant topics.


At the end of this course, participants will:

  • Have a greater understanding of the most recent concepts, ideas, theories and research that could impact on the clinical practice of biomechanics and foot orthoses
  • Better critically evaluate their own clinical practice in the context of the most recent concepts, ideas, theories and research on clinical biomechanics and foot orthoses
Specifically, some of the topics covered in that framework are:
  • Role of forces vs motion
  • Clinical tests to improve prescribing and clinical outcomes
  • Linking the biomechanical assessment to the orthotic prescription
  • Practical applications of newer theoretical approaches
  • A re-evaluation of foam box casting
  • The role of foot orthoses in sensory input
  • Where are we at with our understanding the ankle joint – stiffness vs range of motion
  • What needs to be altered with foot orthoses to affect outcomes
  • Lateral wedging for medial knee osteoarthritis
  • Foot orthotic clinical decision making
  • Practical steps to improve outcomes
  • What is stiffness and what does it mean for clinical practice
  • The latest on patellofemoral pain and foot orthoses
  • The role & importance of the lateral column
  • When to preload the Hallux
  • Plantar fascial grooves – what, when, how?
  • The dissonance between clinical practice and the research evidence
  • Prefabricated vs custom: What and when?  - Evidence vs clinical experience.
  • Gait retraining vs orthotic modification of gait
  • More…..

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