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18 October 2013

Is Overpronatin a Problem?

Of course it is! Anyone claiming otherwise is just showing their ignorance of the scientific literature. There is so much misinformation about “pronation” and I have written about it in so many places: here, here, here, here, here and here!

Here is where we stand:
1. Some studies have shown it is a risk factor and other studies have shown its not.
2. Those studies that show its not have been seem to get a lot of publicity and some even have press releases put out about them., The gullible fall for those press releases and ignore the studies that show the opposite

3. Those not experenced in the critical appriasial of research blindly accept the results of studies.
3. In this type of situation you have to reply on the unbiased systematic reviews and meta-analyses. The two most recent ones have both concluded that overpronation is a small, but statistically significant risk factor for overuse injury in runners.

If anyone tries to convince you otherwise, as them if they have even read those systematic reviews and meta-analyses.

Craig Payne


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